Crochet Owl Hat Pattern- Newborn to 3 Mos

Crochet Owl Hat Pattern- Newborn to 3 Months baby hat–great photography prop.

$2.00 at Craftsy

What you will need:

  • Size H crochet hook (5mm)
  • Worsted weight yarn in royal and lime green
  • Small amount of worsted weight yarn in white, orange and black
  • Eyelash (Fun Fur) yarn in white
  • Ruler, yarn needle

This little owl hat is very easy to make and it’s sure to be a hit at baby showers and photography sessions.

Made with worsted weight yarn and a 5 mm crochet hook.

Change the royal blue to navy and Seattle fans will have their own little Seahawk!

Release Date: October 30, 2014

Little Boys Crochet Slippers on the fly

Preschooler size crochet slippers

We were in a predicament.  My grandson was visiting, he likes to ‘do laundry’ and apparently without my noticing dropped his socks into the washer while I was putting in a load.  Predictably his feet got cold and he asked if I still had the slippers that I made him last winter.  I don’t so he wanted new slippers with blue and green in them.

Last year I made him slippers that were crocheted flat and then sewn together.  He had fits wearing those because the hem annoyed him and he was convinced there was something in them.

So what to do for slippers?  A video by Hectanooga came to mind.  I have a  drawer of baby bunny slippers  (waiting to have the ears sewn on) that I made from watching one of her videos.   There are probably several  kid slippers on her website or YouTube channel but I was in a hurry and figured with all that I’ve learned from her I would give it a shot.

So while he sat on my bed watching a Halloween special I grabbed some heavy worsted weight scrap yarn, a 5 mm hook, measured a cold foot and starting hooking these up.

By the time his show was over and long before that load of laundry was dry,  he had two slippers (he actually wore the first while I made the second!).

Bray’s foot measured 6″ long so I made

  1. a magic circle and made 6 HDC’s in it joined and turned
  2. ch1, made 2 hdc’s per st (12) joined, turned,
  3. ch1, *1 hd in nxt, 2hdc in nxt*, joined, turned (18)   It was still looking a little small so…
  4. ch1, *1 hdc in ea of the nxt 2, 2 hdc in nxt* join, turn (24 hdc)
  5. That looked good so I continued until it measured 3″ long, changed colors
  6.   quit joining so essentially ch1, hdc across (24) turn
  7. Repeated row 6 until they measured just a hair under 6″ long and slip stitched the ends closed with my hook.

Then he asks if they can have yellow in them so wala, a row of single crochet in yellow around the opening.

Puppy Dog Hat Pattern Updated

Pattern Update


My crocheted puppy dog hat pattern has been updated.

Changes Made to the Pattern:

  • The hook size
  • The eye patch has an additional row
  • The addition of tassels
  • The little black shape on the nose & a tad bit of embroidery
  • AND…. the pattern now includes both NB and 0-3 Months

I crocheted the original hat and wrote the pattern a 3 months after crocheting my very first hat and learning to read my first pattern.   For so long when I looked at the hat or the pattern I was so proud of myself and couldn’t believe that I was able to figure out how to do that.  Back then I had never heard of Etsy or Ravelry and the only place I had ever found patterns online was the Lion Brand website.

All in all the pattern didn’t change much, the hat is still the same number of stitches, the nose is the same pattern and so are the ears.  And yes, in that time my skill level has improved but really I think this is more about the yarn than anything.  With experience you do gain skill but you also (at least I have) gotten a better feel what yarn is needed for different applications.

So anyway, please go check out the pattern.  The new PDF will be uploaded within the next couple days and the pattern will be available here and at Craftsy


Owl Granny Squares – Crochet

Owl Granny Squares


I wanted to crochet owl granny squares for a throw pillow cover for Ally’s new house (the bottom row has her colors) and I also wanted a few in autumn type colors for a tote bag or purse.

There are two owl granny patterns that I found both of which are great but she wanted the owl smaller than one pattern and on the other pattern the circle for the owls body looked like it was part of the granny square.  So I hooked and she said yay or nay.

We came up with these.  As soon as I find the notes on how we did the ears the pattern will get posted.

Yes, those are pony beads used as the eyes.

Easy Pattern for Baby Hat with Interchangeable Flowers

Easy crochet pattern.  Baby girls crochet hat with removable flowers.

Easy pattern for newborn or 0-3 month crochet hat with shell stitch border and little interchangeable crochet flowers
Easy pattern for newborn or 0-3 month crochet hat with shell stitch border and little interchangeable crochet flowers

Purchase the pattern here:

or have the hat made for you with 15 flowers here:

Crochet Tie-back headband – baby photo prop pattern

Free pattern to make a crochet tie back headband.

Easy crochet tie back headbands pattern. FREE download pattern
Easy crochet tie back headbands pattern. FREE download pattern

These work great for photographers to use in shoots with babies and newborns

How to Single Crochet a Hat

How to Single Crochet in the Round

Free Pattern for Newborn Baby  & 0-3 Months Hat

  • Worsted Weight Yarn
  • 5 mm (size h) crochet hook for newborn size
  • 5.5 mm (size I) crochet hook for 0-3 Months

This pattern is worked in a spiral.  You will not join, chain or turn at the end of your rounds instead you will place a marker in the last stitch made of each round.

Round 1:  In magic circle sc 6 (or ch 3, ss to form a ring and sc 6 in ring). Place marker in last stitch made.

Round 2:  Make 2 sc’s in each stitch.  Move marker to last stitch made (12)

Round 3:  *SC nxt st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (18)

Round 4: *SC nxt 2 st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (24)

Round 5: *SC nxt 3 st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (30)

Round 6: *SC nxt 4 st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (36)

Round 7:  *SC nxt 5 st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (42)

Using a ruler measure the diameter of the circle you have just crocheted.  If it measures just around 4″/10cm across then you are right on track for stitching a newborn hat.  If it is too large retry with a smaller hook.  If it is too small you need to try a larger hook.

0-3 Months only~ row 8 increase by 4 stitches (ie- make 2 sc’s in every 10th st by *sc 8, 2 sc in nxt* 4x and sc remaining stitches. Then follow the pattern below.  You will probably need two more rows at the end~

Rounds 8-16) sc in each stitch around until completing round 16 or your desired length

0-3 Months only– Rounds 17-18) sc in each stitch around until completing round 18 or your desired length

Fasten and weave in ends unless you are attaching ear flaps.

To attach earflaps

Both Newborn and 0-3 months are worked the same way and with the same number of stitches.

With yarn still attached:

  1. ch1, sc in the same and in the next 9 stitches. (10 sc)
  2. ch1, turn.  SC across the next 10 stitches
  3. ch1, turn.  sc2tog, sc across (9 sc)
  4. ch2, turn, sc2tog, sc across (8 sc)
  5. ch2, turn, sc2tog, sc across (7 sc)
  6. ch2, turn, sc2tog, sc across (6 sc)
  7. ch2, turn, sc2tog, sc across (5 sc)
  8. ch2, turn, sc2tog, sc across (4 sc)
  9. ch2, turn, sc2tog, sc across (3 sc)
  10. ch2, turn, sc2tog, sc across (2 sc)
  11. ch2, turn, sc2tog, sc across (1 sc)

Determine which you would like to be the back of the hat, count  7 stitches for Newborn/ 9 stitches for 0-3 Months from where your earflap ends and attach yarn in next stitch.  Repeat steps 1-11 of the earflap pattern.

Choose your contrast yarn and single crochet around the outside of the hat.  If you will be adding ties or tassels to the hat work 3 sc into the point of each ear flap.

Newborn Easter Chick Hat

Easter Chick hat crocheted with 100% cotton yarn and embroidered with bracelet floss.

To make a newborn sized version of my Easter Chick hat pattern simply use a 5 mm hook (sz h)

Stitches Used in This Pattern-
Half Double Crochet worked in a spiral.   No need to join, chain or turn.  You should place a marker at the end of each round so you will know where you begin new rows.

This pattern is crocheted in a spiral.  Do not join, do not chain, do not turn.

Round 1)Magic circle – 8 hdc [or ch2 and make 8 hdc in 2nd ch from hook]
Round 2) in each hdc make 1 loop stitch & 1 hdc (16)
Round 3) *2 hdc in 1st stitch, 1 hdc in next * (24)
Round 4) *2 hdc in 1st stitch, 1 hdc in next 2 stitches * (32)
Round 5) *2 hdc in 1st stitch, 1 hdc in next 3 stitches * (40)
Rounds 6-12) hdc in each stitch around.

Crochet in rounds thru row 12 or until desired length. I added a row of Brick Stitch to the edge.

Optional Brick Stitch Edge:
* skip 3 chains, sc in next chain, chain 3, 3 double crochet in same chain. Repeat from * across row.
End with: single crochet in next

Optional Stitches
Loop Stitch-
Brick Stitch (aka Crazy Stitch)-