Newborn Hats for Hospitals

I kept the hats our children received at the hospital when they were born. Vee’s and Stephanie’s were handknit and I keep them with my stashed yarn always thinking someday maybe I will knit these little hats to donate. Today, when I was checking out Knitting pattern Central’s new patterns I came across this free pattern. Aren’t they so cute??!

Guess when I’m off my kick of crocheting baby hats and animal hats I have an idea what I’ll be knitting :)

5 thoughts on “Newborn Hats for Hospitals”

  1. So glad you enjoyed my Newborn Hat pattern and featured it with a post. Thanks! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who saved my kid’s hats they came home from the hospital with. It’s such a precious memory that they’re worth saving :) Love your little animal hats too!

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