Patterns got picked up by Daily Knitter & Crocheter

We have a website traffic counter here that shows us the hits for the day and if someone visits from another site it will show us the link they used.  I should probably check it more frequently [but that’s another blog for another day 😉 ]

Anyhow, when I checked it in the wee hours of the morning, to my amazement I notice visitors coming in from The Daily Knitter and Daily Crocheter.  That site picked up my patterns and listed them without my having to submit them.

Now for experienced knitters, crocheters and pattern designers I bet that happens everyday but for a noob like me I have to say that is quite an honor.

If you have designed a pattern and would like a place to list it they do have a ‘Pattern Submission’ link on each the Knitting and Crocheting website.  Also don’t forget my favorite websites: Knitting Pattern Central, Crochet Pattern Central and Ravelry all of which are linked in that little box to the right of your screen :)

On a blog somewhere I saw Wednesday referred to as WIP Wednesday so that’s got me motivated to get those socks grafted so I an officially call them FO’s and I only have a few more rows to be finished with my KAL dishcloth….pics of both coming soon. Maybe on FO Friday 😉

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