Easter Chick Hat

Easter Chick Hat
6-9 months

Ally and I found a great sale on Sugar n Cream cotton yarn early this week and I loaded up.  Thursday while waiting on hubby I thought I’d organize my stash dresser and thought to myself as I picked up the yellow cotton that it was the same color as a daffodil….and the same color as a baby chick.

Well that got the gears turning. ” A baby chick hat would be so cute…Brady could use a spring hat and cotton would be wonderful for that…Brady wears tons of blue and brown but he’s rarely if ever in yellow…is there any such thing as an Easter Chick hat?…I’ve never really done much with half double crochet besides a headband….I really could use some practice with hdc….who cares if there is a pattern, I don’t want to take time to look, I’ll just crochet a beannie and add a face to it….the chick’s mouth should be open like his is whenever he sees someone with food…this could be fun!”

I grabbed my hook and started crocheting.  Within 2 hours I had this cute little hat.

Thank goodness his mama liked it too :)

Here is the info and a link below it to save or print the pattern.  Sorry for the lack of quality in the photos.  If you follow my blog you will remember that a couple somebody’s in my house asked to borrow the camera and forgot to bring it back in the house before it rained so all my pics are with my cell or our ancient digital camera at this time.  It probably doesn’t matter any way though because Mister Brady is crawling and pulling himself into a standing position so he is always on the move and difficult for to grab a pic of.


Gauge – 6hdc = 2″
Row gauge not important as you will measure length.

You will need:

  • Worsted weight cotton yarn
  • Optional scraps of white, black and orange for facial feature embellishments
  • 6.5 (US K) Crochet hook
  • Darning needle to weave in ends and/or attach optional facial feature embellishments

Stitches Used in This Pattern-

Half Double Crochet
Optional Stitches
Loop Stitch-  http://crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/stitches.php
Brick Stitch (aka Crazy Stitch)- http://crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/stitches.php


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