Spruce Up Cheap Stretch Magic Gloves

I don’t know about anyone else, but I started working on my Christmas gift list just before the beginning of April.

Years ago my mom worked in a craft store.  It was a Piece Goods Shop (are those still around?)  One of the managers there was a young woman named Nicole, who really should have been a designer.  I swear she could look at anything and make it into something beautiful and usable.  She could take lace and sew it to the edge of cheap white socks or cut a t-shirt and add a Chintz skirt to it, or wrap fabric around a garage sale lamp and make it look like a decorator item.  The lady was amazing and try as I might my projects never resembled anything of her craftiness.

Browsing Crochet Pattern Central when I was looking for a trim for the Easter Chick Hat that I crochet for Brady I found this idea to spruce up those cheap little magic gloves with crochet thread.  It reminds me so much of something Nicole would make and it may be something I can handle since it does not require sewing!!

My girls love those little Stretch Gloves because they fit into a pocket and I love them because you can pick up two pairs for a buck at the Dollar Tree.  This pattern to add crochet trim to Magic Stretch Gloves is here:  http://shala-beads.livejournal.com/109358.html


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