How to line a knit or crochet hat

Lining a Knit or Crochet Hat

Use Polar Fleece, t-shirt knit, up-cycle old sweaters and sweatshirts–you could even use a $1 Store hat!

When I first started crocheting and knitting hats I played around with different ideas for earflaps.  Crochet ear flaps I learned were best in single crochet.  On my knit earflap hats it was not uncommon for me to knit a second set of triangular ear-flaps and sew them into the hat.  Unfortunately with the knits this method made them stick out a bit more than I preferred and even the tightest single crochet was no competition for the wind here near Lake Michigan.

Double knitting was an option but not one I was too enthused about so I let Google take me around the internet and ended up finding a great tutorial from the Uncommon Grace blog showing step by step how to sew a fabric lining into a hand knit hat.  I have noticed since revisiting the site to post the link that the pics are not working but her instructions are very clear.

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