Mushroom top Lighter Leash or Chapstick Holder- coozie pattern

Crochet pattern to make your own lighter or chapstick pouch.

My daughter Ally asked me to help her come up with a holder for a lighter with a sliding mushroom cap on a ‘necklace’ so it could be worn around the neck, wrapped thru a belt loop or purse handle or could hang from a rear view mirror.  She wanted it to be able to hold a lighter, cash, lipstick or chapstick.

It must, she insisted be quality–no chain tied to a coozie type pouch, no strings hanging out and no floppy looking holder. It need to look good even empty. It needed to look like something she would be willing to spend $10 for.

The pattern needed to be easy enough that she could understand what she was reading and show her friend how to read a pattern.

She hoped it would be easy enough that the two of them could make boxes full to take and sell at festivals next summer.

We spent the day together trying out different ideas and came up with this.  She’s thrilled with it and I bet you will be too.

  • Make it with or without the Mushroom top.
  • The mushroom top slides up to keep your contents inside where they belong.
  • These work great for keeping track of your lighter, chap stick or even money.
  • These sell well at festivals and they make great gifts.
  • You are free to make and sell your finished lighter leashes/chapstick holders made from this pattern.
  • This easy and quick pattern is a great way to use up scraps of worsted weight yarn.

This pattern uses a size H (5.5 mm) crochet hook and is written in US terminology.

Purchase it as an immediate download in .pdf format

Linking back to me is not a requirement to use this pattern but if you do I’d be very grateful.


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