Animal Hat Patterns

Crochet Animal Hat Patterns

Crochet patterns for baby hats.  These make adorable newborn photography props and cute baby shower gifts.


NEW Frog Hat Crochet Pattern



Long Eared Bunny Hat
~Great Easter Photo Prop
Pattern Testing Near Completion


Free crochet pattern for newborn and 0-3 month sized babies. Kitty cat hat with face, earflaps and braids

Knit Square Hat with embroidered Kitty face

Baby Bird Earflap Hat
~Great Easter Photo Prop
Pattern Testing Near Completion


Tiger Earflap Hat
~Limited Edition–contact to purchase pattern


Links to Other People’s Patterns

These are some of my favorite crochet animal hat patterns that have been created by some very talented people.  You can click thru to read about and hook their patterns.   Please remember to give credit where credit is due–If you do crochet these hats please give credit to the respective designer not to me.


13 thoughts on “Animal Hat Patterns”

  1. i’m a novice at crocheting and love making baby hats. i would like to know how to make the stripe of a skunk. i’m stuck, please help!

  2. My sister and I crochet flannel, fleece and preemie hats for the neno care unit at Huntsville Hospital where my daughter is an incharge nurse. I love your hat patterns. Is there anyway you could give us a discount. Thank you for sharing they are beautiful.
    Jane Clark

  3. The Winnie the Pooh like is redirecting you to the Moo Cow Hat. Great links, thanks for sharing. I’m trying to make a Barbie hat. I have found some nice tutorials to help along the way. However, I’m still a little stumped. Wsh me well.

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