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Crochet patterns, wip’s and fo’s

Crochet Headband Earcover with flower

Easy winter crocheted headband with decorative border and a crocheted flower accent

Easy written pattern instructions for a crochet winter headband
Easy pattern for crocheted winter headband


First make a plain headband by using worsted weight yarn and an I crochet hook.  Directions below

Chain 66

Row 1) Half double crochet in the 2nd stitch from the hook  and in each of the remaining chains.  ( 65 hdc made)

Row 2)  Chain 2 and turn.  Half double crochet in the back loop only of each stitch across

Row 3) Chain 2 and turn.  Half double crochet in the front loop only of each stitch across

Rows 4, 6 & 8) Chain 2 and turn.  Half double crochet in the back loop only of each stitch across

Rows 5, 7 & 9) Chain 2 and turn.  Half double crochet in the front loop only of each stitch across

Using your crochet hook, slip stitch the row ends together to form a tube.  Cut yarn and weave in ends.

With a contrasting color, attach the yarn some where near your seam.  Ch1 and single crochet in the same stitch as your join.  You will now begin the Reverse Single Crochet (or Crab stitch or Crawl stitch) Single crochet in the next stitch to the right.  Continue around the headband in this direction.  Fasten yarn.

Repeat the same process for the top of the headband.


Make the Flower

You can use any flower pattern you like.  This is how I made mine.

Chain 2

Round 1–In the first chain made, make 5 half double crochet.  Join in the first stitch made.

Round 2 — * Chain 3, in the next stitch, double crochet, triple crochet, double crochet, chain 3 and slip stitch *  Repeat from * around until you have made 5 petals.

Round 3- – You will now add loops behind the petals for the back layer you will make in the next round. * Chain 3, in the back of your work slip stitch around the post of the first triple crochet to your left.*  Repeat from * around  (6 chain spaces made)

Round 4 — * chain 4, in the chain space made in the previous round, make 3 triple crochet, chain 4 and slip stitch *  Repeat from * in the remaining 5 chain spaces you made in the previous round. (6 petals made)

Cut yarn leaving a long tail and fasten off.

Place the flower over the seam and sew to your headband.

Weave in all your ends and enjoy :)




Bunny Booties – Baby Slippers

Little Easter Bunny Slippers

Once again it was time to go through my WIP’s and grab out a few things to finish.  This time some of the items were these little bunny slippers with ears.

These were made with a free pattern by Hectanooga 1.  Aren’t they just adorable? They are quick to work up too.  To top it all off this is a video tutorial so you can follow right along and hit the pause button if you get behind and need to catch up.  Here’s the link to the tutorial I used to make these


Easter Bunny crochet hat pattern

Bunny rabbit hat with long, floppy ears.  Great for Easter photography!

easy crochet pattern to make a bunny rabbit hat for babies
Long, floppy ear Easter Bunny crochet hat pattern

Pattern includes sizes:  newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months.

Easy pattern that uses worsted weight yarn, a size J crochet hook and a size H crochet hook.

Get your crochet pattern here


Crochet Fingerless Gloves

These are some fingerless mittens I worked up to go with the purple crocheted legwarmers.

These are short little wristers.  You could make yours longer simply by making more chains.

They were easy as can be.  Here’s what I did.

Worsted weight yarn
J hook

Gauge:  7 dc and 3 1/2″ rows= 2″


Ch 16

Row 1) DC in 3rd chain from hook and across.  Turn

Rows 2- 10) ch2, DC in next stitch and across, turn (14 dc )

At row 10 mine measured almost 7″ which will stretch around my hand which is about 7.5″ at the widest part.

Slip stitch or sew the edges together until 2″ from end.  Leave 1 1/2″ open for thumb and sew/slip stitch remaining 1/2″ closed.

You can download a printable pdf at my Craftsy Store:

Dress Up that Boring Crochet Hat

Got a Boring Little Beanie?
~Give it some pizzazz and turn it into an adorable gift.

Recently I started pulling little crochet beanies from my WIP’s tote.  They were solid colors and some were hats that I planned on putting animal faces on for some cool critter hats.

At least when they were originally crocheted that was the plan but you’re a crafter–You know how when we get an idea from outta nowhere we tend to run with it.  I did just that.

Continue reading Dress Up that Boring Crochet Hat

Crochet Owl Hat Pattern- Newborn to 3 Mos

Crochet Owl Hat Pattern– Newborn to 3 Months baby hat–great photography prop.

What you will need:

  • Size H crochet hook (5mm)
  • Worsted weight yarn in royal and lime green
  • Small amount of worsted weight yarn in white, orange and black
  • Eyelash (Fun Fur) yarn in white
  • Ruler, yarn needle

This little owl hat is very easy to make and it’s sure to be a hit at baby showers and photography sessions.

Made with worsted weight yarn and a 5 mm crochet hook.

Change the royal blue to navy and Seattle fans will have their own little Seahawk!

Release Date: October 30, 2014

Other hats made with this pattern…send me yours too :)

crochet owl hat : animal hat with earflaps pattern
Little pink owl hat : crochet animal hat with earflaps

Pink and green owl hat for a baby girl.  Diaper cover not included in the pattern at this time.