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How to Single Crochet a Hat

How to Single Crochet a baby hat in the Round

Free Pattern for Newborn Baby  & 0-3 Months Hat

  • Worsted Weight Yarn
  • 5 mm (size h) crochet hook for newborn size

Gauge– At end of round 7 hat should measure 4″ across

This pattern is worked in a spiral.  You will not join, chain or turn at the end of your rounds instead you will place a marker in the last stitch made of each round.

Round 1:  In magic circle sc 6 (or ch 3, ss to form a ring and sc 6 in ring). Place marker in last stitch made.

Round 2:  Make 2 sc’s in each stitch.  Move marker to last stitch made (12)

Round 3:  *SC nxt st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (18)

Round 4: *SC nxt 2 st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (24)

Round 5: *SC nxt 3 st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (30)

Round 6: *SC nxt 4 st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (36)

Round 7:  *SC nxt 5 st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (42)

0-3 Months only~ row 8 increase by 4 stitches (ie- make 2 sc’s in every 10th st by *sc 8, 2 sc in nxt* 4x and sc remaining stitches. Then follow the pattern below.  You will probably need two more rows at the end~

Rounds 8-16) sc in each stitch around until completing round 16 or your desired length

0-3 Months only— Rounds 17-18) sc in each stitch around until completing round 18 or your desired length

Fasten and weave in ends unless you are attaching ear flaps.

To attach earflaps

Both Newborn and 0-3 months are worked the same way and with the same number of stitches.

With yarn still attached:

  1. ch1, sc in the same and in the next 9 stitches. (10 sc)
  2. ch1, turn.  SC across the next 10 stitches
  3. ch1, turn.  sc2tog, sc across (9 sc)
  4. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (8 sc)
  5. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (7 sc)
  6. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (6 sc)
  7. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (5 sc)
  8. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (4 sc)
  9. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (3 sc)
  10. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (2 sc)
  11. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (1 sc)

Determine which you would like to be the back of the hat, count  7 stitches for Newborn/ 9 stitches for 0-3 Months from where your earflap ends and attach yarn in next stitch.  Repeat steps 1-11 of the earflap pattern.

Choose your contrast yarn and single crochet around the outside of the hat.  If you will be adding ties or tassels to the hat work 3 sc into the point of each ear flap.

Easy Christmas Gifts – Knitting & Crochet

Easy Gifts for newer knitters and crocheters

As soon as I started knitting and crocheting it was like I began developing this huuuuge list of all the things I wanted to make for the people in my life.  The fact that Christmas was just around the corner left me feeling even more anxious!  To my disappointment I spent so much time in search of quick or beginner level patterns that it was difficult to complete all the gifts I wanted to make.
This year I have more time to plan and have some experience under my belt so I am in the process of putting together  a list below of knitting and crochet projects I have been able to make in 6 hours or less as a beginner or projects I am considering trying for gifts. I’ll keep updating this list and even adding links but if you know of something just post it below in the comments.


Dishcloths— there are free patterns all over the Internet but if you are a new knitter and have trouble understanding patterns all you really have to do is cast on 40-43 stitches of worsted cotton yarn with US size 6 or 7 needles and knit in garter stitch until you have a square.  Garter stitch works great for dish cloth while stockingnette stitch is softer for like washcloths.

If you have knit dishcloths before but find yourself indecisive when it comes to finding a pattern consider joining a group like the Monthly Dishcloth KAL group at Yahoo.  They do two Knit a Longs every month.  During the Knitalong you are sent about 7-10 rows each day which makes it easy to keep up with and you can whip out 2 dishcloths a month (24 a year!!) to give as gifts.  There is a sign up box below:

Subscribe to MonthlyDishcloths

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You can crochet dishcloths too.  Here is the article with a crochet dishcloth that was (I am prettty sure) my first crochet FO:  Crochet Dishcloth

Scarves – again very easy and there are some pretty scarves I’ve seen in plain old garter stitch.  Just decide how wide you want it and knit til its the right length.  Here is a wide muffler type scarf I made as my first patterned stitch to follow.  It is a bit more involved and used two skeins of Red Heart Yarn.  Here is a Ruffle Scarf I crochet with Bulky Yarn.  It used less than one skein and would be pretty as a gift.


Girls and Teen Girls

Fingerless gloves – Again there are tons of free patterns out there.   I made Stephanie a pair last winter while she and Vee played Monopoly.  I just chained the length I wanted the gauntlets and single crocheted til they fit comfortably around her hand and wrist then I stitched them up on the side leaving 1 1/2″ at 1″ from the top open for the thumb.  In that opening I slip stitched and single crochet 10, joined and crochet two rounds so her gloves would have a thumb.

Yoga or ‘flip flop’ socks – Now these (Ally’s Vee’s)I’m sure took me more than 6 hours….maybe not though but I will be making more soon and will track my time involved.

Headbands – You won’t believe how quick and easy these can be.  An earwarmer generally takes much less than one ball of yarn and girls like them better than hats because wearing them doesn’t mess up your hair.  Most headband type earwarmers can also be worn as a neck warmer or what my girls call a ‘neckie’.

Crochet Headband – took about an hour

Knitted Headband – took about an hour

Jen’s Loop Stitch Pillow –If I had crochet the back this would have been just under 6 hours but I cheated and asked my mom to sew up some satin I purchased and then I attached the loop stitch to the front of that.

UPDATE: Bev’s Country Cottage has a ton of easy Christmas Gifts you can make by knitting or crocheting.  Here is one that is quick and easy and both my girls are getting.  It is a lipbalm holder that can be clipped to their keychain, back pack or purse.  The link to her pattern is here:

and her Christmas Gifts Ideas Page is here:


Hats – I have a really easy pattern that I use for making knitted hats with earflaps.  Eventually it will get posted.  In the meantime there is a great ‘formula’ here for creating a hat pattern

Babies and Toddlers

Hats, moms love animal hats and I could crochet these all day long.

Spruce Up Cheap Stretch Magic Gloves

I don’t know about anyone else, but I started working on my Christmas gift list just before the beginning of April.

Years ago my mom worked in a craft store.  It was a Piece Goods Shop (are those still around?)  One of the managers there was a young woman named Nicole, who really should have been a designer.  I swear she could look at anything and make it into something beautiful and usable.  She could take lace and sew it to the edge of cheap white socks or cut a t-shirt and add a Chintz skirt to it, or wrap fabric around a garage sale lamp and make it look like a decorator item.  The lady was amazing and try as I might my projects never resembled anything of her craftiness.

Browsing Crochet Pattern Central when I was looking for a trim for the Easter Chick Hat that I crochet for Brady I found this idea to spruce up those cheap little magic gloves with crochet thread.  It reminds me so much of something Nicole would make and it may be something I can handle since it does not require sewing!!

My girls love those little Stretch Gloves because they fit into a pocket and I love them because you can pick up two pairs for a buck at the Dollar Tree.  This pattern to add crochet trim to Magic Stretch Gloves is here:


Crochet Flower Lesson

Remember the video I posted of the lady making a half double crochet Easter Bunny hat in this blog post?  Well I realized I had accidentally removed her video from the post when I added a knitted pattern either last night or this morning so I went to find it and ended up glued to her video lessons for quite a while.

She has some really cool crochet flowers that she walks you thru making.  They are done in groups of 3 and layered.  I so want to make one to embellish either a hat or a headband.

Here is her video:

Crochet Earflap Hats for 6lb-7lb babies

Free Crochet Pattern for Newborn Sized Hat in Double Crochet.

Updated November 2, 2014  Newborn babies have a head size of 12 1/2″ to 14″ and sometimes it can be hard to find hat patterns small enough for our brand new little tiny humans.

To make a newborn hat –like a hospital sized hat- you should be alright to plan on it being 12.5″ circumference because it is going to stretch another 1 to 1.5″ until baby outgrows it at 10 days old 😉

If you are crocheting and making a top down hat in the round this just means you will continue to make increases until your circle measures 4″ (10cm) in diameter which will give you a circumference of 12.5″.   Most likely if you are reading this you are new to crochet and that part just looked a little confusing….it’s not.  It’s so easy.  Just follow me below and you will see for yourself.

You are going to need

-some heavy worsted weight/aran yarn.  Like Red Heart With Love  or Caron One Pound.  I am demonstrating below with Crafter’s Secret from Hobby Lobby.

– a size I crochet hook (5.5 mm)

– a ruler or tape measure

– stitch marker or a piece of scrap yarn to make a row marker

Gauge- We aren’t going to worry about gauge right now, we are going to focus on getting the width around that we need and I will show you how.


Here’s the Pattern with Photos so I guess it’s kind of a tutorial.

Round 1)  Make a magic circle (or chain 2 and in the first ch) Make 12 DC in the loop.  Do not join.  PM (place marker) on the last stitch you made. Pull tail snug but not to tight yet, you need to be able to clearly see all of your stitches but they need to be close enough that you can easily move to round 2.

Round One crochet hat
End of round 1. You have 12 stitches


Round 2)  Make 2 double crochets in each stitch around.  You can now pull that tail enough that it closes the hole in the top of your hat.  Remember to mark your last stitch so you will know when to stop your next round.  (24 DC)

Round two of hat crochet pattern
End of round 2. You have 24 stitches

Round 3) Make  * 1 double crochet in the next stitch, make 2 double crochets in the next stitch.*     Now you will repeat that all the way around.  You will repeat exactly what is between the *’s  and when you make your last stitch PM. (36 DC)

Now get your ruler and measure right across the center of your circle.  If it measures 4″ you are ready to move on.
If it isn’t large enough then you will need a larger hook.  If it’s too big you need to start over with a smaller hook. (When I started crocheting my stitches were so tight I had to use a K–6.5 mm hook to get this size.)

End of round 3- you have 36 stitches.  Measure across.  For a newborn hat you need a 4" circle
End of round 3- you have 36 stitches. Measure across. For a newborn hat you need a 4″ circle

Since your circle is the circumference we need you will not quit making increases.  You will be making a double crochet in each stitch around the hat for another 4 rounds.  You will still need to move your marker and mark the last stitch of each round so that you know where to stop and fasten off.

Rounds 4, 5, 6, 7) Double crochet in each stitch around.  Move marker as you finish each round.   At the end of round 7 my work is just over 4″ long.  Measure yours and make another row or rows if needed then catch up with me below.
DO NOT CUT YOUR YARN because we are going to use it to make the first ear flap.

At the end of row 7 work measures just over 4" long
At the end of row 7 work measures just over 4″ long


Ear Flaps Pattern

To add earflaps to your hat follow these instructions.  The ear flaps are worked in rows back and forth.

Row 1)  Dc 8 stitches beyond your maker, Ch 3 and turn (8 dc)

Row 2)  Dc  in the next st and each  of the nxt 6 across  Turn (7 dc + ch3 = 8 dc)

Row 3)  Do not chain. Starting with the nxt st, DC each across (7 DC)  Turn

Row 4)   Do not chain. Starting with the nxt st, DC each across.  Turn  (6 DC)

Row 5) Do not chain. Starting with the nxt st, DC each across (5 DC) Turn

Row 6) Do not chain. Starting with the nxt st, DC each across (4 DC) Turn

Row 7) Do not chain. Starting with the nxt st, DC each across (3 DC)

Row 8) Do not chain. Starting with the nxt st, DC each across (2 DC) Cut yarn, leaving a long tail for weaving in and fasten.

The first earflap has been added to the hat
The first earflap has been added to the hat


Now flip your hat over so you have the top of the hat nearest you and the earflap you just made on the righthand side.  Like the picture below.

Turn hat upside down and count stitches across the front to add second earflap
Turn hat upside down and count stitches across the front to add second earflap

Now count 12 stitches to the left of where your existing earflap starts.  Join your yarn in the stitch to the left of the 13th.

Row 1)  ch 3, and DC in the same stitch.  DC in the next 7 st across.

Now follow rows 2-8 of the earflap directions.

When you are done with the 2nd earflap don’t cut the yarn just yet.  Fold the hat in half, line up the earflaps and double check to make sure you go them the same length.  When you are good to go fasten off, cut yarn and weave in your ends.

Your hat has earflaps now!  Now we just need to add a border.
Your hat has earflaps now! Now we just need to add a border.

You now have a newborn sized snow boarders hat with earflaps!


Below are links to patterns for basic newborn sized hats in single and double crochet


Terms of Use for this pattern: You are free to use finished garments from this pattern as you choose including selling them.
If you give any credit to the website ( it would be greatly appreciated but not required.
If you feature this pattern on the internet or any physical publication, do not include the wording or text of the pattern, instead provide a link to our website.


  • ch= chain
  • sc= single crochet
  • dc= double crochet
  • ss= slip stitch


Attaching Earflaps to a Crochet Hat

Got a Crocheted Hat That is Too Short or Just Want to Add Earflaps to it?

Attaching Ear flaps to a Crochet Hat —

Easily crochet ear flaps onto a hat
Earflaps can be easily attached to crochet hats.

Isn’t it amazing how quick babies grow?  What is really great about crochet hats is that if you are crafty, you can keep adding rows and stitches to them to or you can do like I did with my grandson’s hat and add another row and some ear flaps.

Count the stitches of your hat.  Mark of 1/3 of them for the face.

With worsted weight yarn and a size H (5mm) crochet hook I usually make my earflaps for newborns and 0-3 Month size hats 10 stitches wide at the top.  For larger hat I usually do 12ish.


  1. To the right of your right marker, ss new yarn and chain 3,DC in the same st and in the next nine. (10) ch 3 and turn
  2. DC in next and across the row (10) do not ch, turn
  3. Now we begin decreasing.  By not chaining at the row ends we lose a stitch each row which makes the ear flap taper.
    DC in next and across the row (9) do not ch, turn
  4. DC in next and across the row (8) do not ch, turn
  5. DC in next and across the row (7) do not ch, turn
  6. DC in next and across the row (6) do not ch, turn
  7. DC in next and across the row (5) do not ch, turn
  8. DC in next and across the row (4) do not ch, turn
  9. DC in next and across the row (3) do not ch, turn
  10. DC in next and across the row (2) do not ch, turn
  11. DC in next and across the row (1) do not ch, turn

Fasten off leaving a long enough tail for weaving in.

Pick up your hat, you still have a marker on the other side.  With the right side of your work facing you count 10 stitches toward the back of the hat and move your marker there.  That is where you will slip stitch your new yarn and begin the second earflap.  You will be crocheting from the back of the hat toward the face.  Repeat rows 1-11 above.

double crochet hat with ear flaps
It took longer to get the baby to hold still for this picture than it did to crochet the ear flaps onto his hat!

So we had earflaps but the hat needed a little more help.

Adding a contrasting border.

This doesn’t have to be in a contrasting color, you can use the same color as you did for the hat but the crocheted border does neaten up the appearance of the hat.

I usually attach my contrast yarn either in the point of the left earflap (if I’m going to add ties or braids) or directly behind the left earflap.    It’s easy, just ss your new yarn, chain 1, sc in the same and around the hat.  When you get to the ear covers remember to make 2 sc’s in the end of each dc row so your flaps don’t look all curled up.  When your’re done fasten off and weave in your ends.  It will probably look something like this > > >

What a difference the contrast color made!

Wah Laa!

PS- Quick and Easy pattern at mom’s site:

Crochet tiny little butterflies

These adorable little butterflies (there are hearts and flowers too) can be crocheted up in just a few minutes with small hooks and embroidery floss.

They are the perfect size for barettes, embellishments, bookmarks, you name it.

I am getting ready to work some up for unique drape tie backs for my daughter’s room.

Check them out here:

Sizing Charts for Crochet and Knitting

Helpful Size Charts I use for Knitting and Crochet

Blanket sizes including afghans:

Head Size Chart:

Baby Measurements:

Foot Sizes:

Foot sizes and skirt lengths

Basic Beanie – shows sizes for baby thru adult ribbed beanie hats:

Loop Stitch Pillow

My 12 year old wants to give her bff an olive or lime green loop stitch pillow as a birthday present.
I decide to use the pattern I’ve had bookmarked on the Lion Brand yarn website and we head to the store to see if there is a suitable color in the Wool Ease Thick and Quick that is called for.

She finds “Lemongrass” right away although she prefers the “I love this yarn” in Limelight (worsted weight acrylic but its sooo soft) and we head home to start the pillow.

Thick and Quick- now I have to tell you I was actually pretty excited considering I usually, out of my frugality, don’t spend $9 on a single skein of yarn….especially one thats only around 100 yards!
The results couldn’t have been more disappointing.

On the Lionbrand website the pillow looks soft.Pic below

But in truth it was so big and bulky looking pic below

The Super Bulky yarn would be better suited to a pretty area rug













I went up a hook size. With the P hook it still looked big and bulky. With my huuuuuuuge Q hook the same thing.

Maybe it was the shade of green, maybe it was the fact that I could feel the wool, maybe it was because it was so thick or maybe it was a combination of all those but it seriously reminded me of the fugly carpeting both my neighbor and my grandma had back in 1973.

So I dug thru my WIP’s drawer and found a practice peice that had been loop stitched in a neon worsted weight. I put that next to the thick one. Then I grabbed two balls of worsted weight and my N hook and crocheted up a few rows, double stranded.

Worsted weight and super bulky compared. The bulky yarn is just to thick and bulky looking for a preteen girls room
When she got home from school all three were on the table and I asked her to look them over, pick them up, rub them against her cheek and take her pick.
The double stranded, worsted weight won hands down.
Easy, quick and teen approved crochet pillow
The cover took less than 3 hours to crochet

2 strands worsted weight yarn (I used Hobby Lobby “I Love This Yarn” Super Soft acrylic in ‘Limelight”)

Size N crochet hook

Ch 32
Row 1 Sc all, ch1, turn
Row 2 Sc first stitch, loop stitch until next to last stitch, sc last stitch, ch1, turnRepeat rows 1 and 2 until desired length.


***Note:  I kept a single crochet at the first and last stitch of each even row so that it would be easier to sew this onto a stuffed pillow case.  You could certainly loop stitch all the way across if desired.***


After crocheting the front we sewed up a satin pillow case, stuffed it with polyfill and stitched the crochet to the satin



If you would like to make a loop stitch pillow with knitting instead of crochet there is a great video here: