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Knitting 2 socks at the same time….inside each other?!

I don’t even know how I came across this link but it has been sitting in my drafts for some time now.

Stephan is gone for a few days so I am planning on, while he is gone, casting on the hunting socks he will be getting for Christmas.  No better chance than the present I suppose to follow the tutorial from that teaches how to knit two socks at the same time using a method similar to double knitting.

The link is here

Tons of Sock Patterns for Knitting

Since I just got done with those Hunting socks for my youngest son I immediately starting looking for more patterns and came across this but haven’t clicked thru the links yet. I did scroll over a few and saw urls like Yahoo GeoCities–didn’t they close down?

Anyway here is the link:

Easy Christmas Gifts – Knitting & Crochet

Easy Gifts for newer knitters and crocheters

As soon as I started knitting and crocheting it was like I began developing this huuuuge list of all the things I wanted to make for the people in my life.  The fact that Christmas was just around the corner left me feeling even more anxious!  To my disappointment I spent so much time in search of quick or beginner level patterns that it was difficult to complete all the gifts I wanted to make.
This year I have more time to plan and have some experience under my belt so I am in the process of putting together  a list below of knitting and crochet projects I have been able to make in 6 hours or less as a beginner or projects I am considering trying for gifts. I’ll keep updating this list and even adding links but if you know of something just post it below in the comments.


Dishcloths— there are free patterns all over the Internet but if you are a new knitter and have trouble understanding patterns all you really have to do is cast on 40-43 stitches of worsted cotton yarn with US size 6 or 7 needles and knit in garter stitch until you have a square.  Garter stitch works great for dish cloth while stockingnette stitch is softer for like washcloths.

If you have knit dishcloths before but find yourself indecisive when it comes to finding a pattern consider joining a group like the Monthly Dishcloth KAL group at Yahoo.  They do two Knit a Longs every month.  During the Knitalong you are sent about 7-10 rows each day which makes it easy to keep up with and you can whip out 2 dishcloths a month (24 a year!!) to give as gifts.  There is a sign up box below:

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You can crochet dishcloths too.  Here is the article with a crochet dishcloth that was (I am prettty sure) my first crochet FO:  Crochet Dishcloth

Scarves – again very easy and there are some pretty scarves I’ve seen in plain old garter stitch.  Just decide how wide you want it and knit til its the right length.  Here is a wide muffler type scarf I made as my first patterned stitch to follow.  It is a bit more involved and used two skeins of Red Heart Yarn.  Here is a Ruffle Scarf I crochet with Bulky Yarn.  It used less than one skein and would be pretty as a gift.


Girls and Teen Girls

Fingerless gloves – Again there are tons of free patterns out there.   I made Stephanie a pair last winter while she and Vee played Monopoly.  I just chained the length I wanted the gauntlets and single crocheted til they fit comfortably around her hand and wrist then I stitched them up on the side leaving 1 1/2″ at 1″ from the top open for the thumb.  In that opening I slip stitched and single crochet 10, joined and crochet two rounds so her gloves would have a thumb.

Yoga or ‘flip flop’ socks – Now these (Ally’s Vee’s)I’m sure took me more than 6 hours….maybe not though but I will be making more soon and will track my time involved.

Headbands – You won’t believe how quick and easy these can be.  An earwarmer generally takes much less than one ball of yarn and girls like them better than hats because wearing them doesn’t mess up your hair.  Most headband type earwarmers can also be worn as a neck warmer or what my girls call a ‘neckie’.

Crochet Headband – took about an hour

Knitted Headband – took about an hour

Jen’s Loop Stitch Pillow –If I had crochet the back this would have been just under 6 hours but I cheated and asked my mom to sew up some satin I purchased and then I attached the loop stitch to the front of that.

UPDATE: Bev’s Country Cottage has a ton of easy Christmas Gifts you can make by knitting or crocheting.  Here is one that is quick and easy and both my girls are getting.  It is a lipbalm holder that can be clipped to their keychain, back pack or purse.  The link to her pattern is here:

and her Christmas Gifts Ideas Page is here:


Hats – I have a really easy pattern that I use for making knitted hats with earflaps.  Eventually it will get posted.  In the meantime there is a great ‘formula’ here for creating a hat pattern

Babies and Toddlers

Hats, moms love animal hats and I could crochet these all day long.

Formula for a basic Knitted Hat

This link was provided in a post at the Knitting Help forum (ever been there? It’s a nice forum with genuinely friendly members, admins and mods). It is a basic formula for figuring out how many stitches you need to knit a hat regardless of the size needles or weight of yarn you are using.  If you know how to knit and know how to knit and measure a gauge swatch you can knit a hat.  Check out the Knitted Basic Hat “Formula” Pattern

How to Knit a Throw Pillow

We got an inquiry about how to knit a loop stitch pillow instead of crochet one like the pattern here

If you haven’t found a pattern you want to use for knitting your pillow at either Knitting Pattern Central or Ravelry there is an explanation at this site:


Also, there are a couple videos you might want to check out.

The first, at this link, is demonstrated with Super Bulky Yarn

The second, from shows how to make double looks with worsted weight yarn.  Just scroll down the page to find ‘Decorative Stitches’.


Sock Knitting Tutorial

Sock Knitting Tutorial

I found the most incredible website with a sock knitting tutorial!


After learning how to turn heel and make gussets
After learning how to turn heel and create gussets

The picture above is where I am at right now with my classwork.  So far so good.  And too think I was nervous and never thought I would figure out how to do this?  Looking back that was silly.  The instructor, Kristin, walks you thru the entire process and has more than outdone herself with simple explanations and excellent photos. Oh and it’s FREE :)

If you have been at all hesitant to try using double point needles (dpn’s) to knit it in the round you should visit her site.  She explains it so well and even shows you how to cast all the stitches onto one needle and then split them up between the needles.  When I first started using dpn’s splitting the stitches up (ie do I start from top or bottom? how to I slip?) really confused me.  With Ally’s yoga socks it took me a good hour to cast on my stitches and then a few rows in a little helper decided she wanted to see how much the stretch yarn really stretched so half my stitches were gone and I got to start over ::big sigh::

I had wanted to make the guys heavy duty wool socks for when they are snowmobiling, shoveling snow, hunting, ice fishing, etc but didn’t know how I would.  This tutorial  gave me the confidence to give it a shot!

Sizing Charts for Crochet and Knitting

Helpful Size Charts I use for Knitting and Crochet

Blanket sizes including afghans:

Head Size Chart:

Baby Measurements:

Foot Sizes:

Foot sizes and skirt lengths

Basic Beanie – shows sizes for baby thru adult ribbed beanie hats: