Crochet Tips & Help

Below are links to some other the very helpful tips I have picked up since working to master crochet.  Most are not my own tips but rather great help from some talented and very generous people.  Since they helped me so much I felt they were too good to not pass on.

How to change colors in crochet

How to tidy away ends in crochet

An alternative to ch and turn in crochet

Common sizes –from bed measurements to head, foot and torso sizes.

How to attach earflaps to a crochet hat

How to Crochet an Earflap Hat or Beanie for a Newborn Baby

How to make a single crochet baby hat

How to Crochet an Earflap hat or a beanie for 0-3 month babies

Crochet Flower Lesson

Crochet Pattern Central is one of my favorite websites.  If you didn’t know they have much more than just patterns there, there is also a section chocked full of crochet how to’s here:

Crochetville is the most incredible forum for crocheters.  I’ve picked up numerous tips and hopefully when things slow down I will be able to get there and actually participate.  If you enjoy message boards and like visiting with others who crochet you should visit this site.

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