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Reversible Parallelogram Hat with Earflaps

Double Stranded Earflap Hat in Parallelogram Knit Pattern
~Knit flat

I wanted a hat to go with the Parallelogram Scarf but didn’t know if it would have to be ‘converted’ to be knit in the round.  If so, that was way over my head and I decided knitting it flat would work just as well.  Also, I wanted earflaps and wanted them along with the rows around the bottom to be in garter stitch to coordinate with the edges of the scarf so I worked up this pattern.

The scarf took several days to knit….this hat only a day.

Here is the pattern

Size 13 (9 mm) straight knitting needles
One skein of worsted weight yarn in the same color separated into 2 equal size balls
Crochet Hook or yarn needle to weave in ends

Gauge: 3 stitches per inch

*NOTE: This entire pattern is knit using 2 strands of yarn
This hat is knitted flat and then seamed to finish*

Begin with Earflaps
Cast on 3
Knit 2 rows
Row 3 – increase 1 stitch at the end and beginning of row (5)
Row 4-Knit all
Odd rows- repeat row 3, adding two stitches each of these rows
Even rows- repeat row 4 until there are 19 stitches

Cut yarn leaving a 12-18″ tail and move stitches to a holder or an extra needle

Make second earflap using pattern above

Cast on 2 (this will be for the back of the hat which is divided but will be seamed when you are finished)
Knit across first earflap
Cast on 8 (this will be the front of your hat)
Knit across second ear flap
Cast on 2 stitches (to finish back of hat)
You should have 50 stitches total

Knit in garter stitch for 6 rows
Continue knitting using this pattern stitch until patterned area is approx 7″ long

Row 1: *P5, K5* repeat 4 more times
Row 2: *K1, P4, K4, P1* repeat 4 more times
Row 3: *K2, P3, K3, P2* repeat 4 more times
Row 4: *K3, P2, K2, P3* repeat 4 more times
Row 5: *K4, P1, K1, P4* repeat 4 more times
Row 6: *K5, P5* repeat 4 more times
Row 7: *P1, K4, P4, K1* repeat 4 more times
Row 8: *P2, K3, P3, K2* repeat 4 more times
Row 9: *P3, K2, P2, K3* repeat 4 more times
Row 10: *P4, K1, P1, K4* repeat 4 more times

Shaping Crown
Rows 1 and 2 Knit rows in garter stitch
Decrease evenly until only several stitches remain.
Cut yarn leaving a long tail to gather top and seam up the back of the hat with a yarn needle.

Pick up 3 stitches from the inside of each ear flap and knit an icord for desired length.

Print a PDF of this pattern Reversible Parallelogram Hat with Earflaps

Panda Bear Hat

Ally called me yesterday. She said Brady’s aunt had seen his doggy hat and saw the frog hat on Facebook and would luvvvv a Panda Bear hat

Remember now I had said I wished I had a pattern for these hat in single crochet that ranged from newborn to adult? I had tried and had wasted countless hours searching and I even whipped up a few double crochet hats but I just don’t like the way they look, with the embellishments, given the holes/spaces between the stitches when using worsted weight yarn.  Now with a bulkier yarn I think the double crochet idea on an animal hat is fine, even for a baby hat with or without the earflaps. (pic coming soon)

I tried making a few single crochet hats doing the increases like you do in double but it left ugly, crappy looking holes in the top of the hat and then I found her. Speckled Frog Designs on Etsy She had just the patterns I was looking for and she uses a K hook (my new fave and most comfortable in my hand hook) so I bought up several patterns.

Within 4 hours of hooking I had the white part of the hat done.

After making the ears I used her pattern for those, with an extra four stitches across the bottom for the slanted black eyes and then sewed big buttons on them.

The nose I used making her beginner bear ears as well with a couple extra rows and then a slip stitch to finish.

Still concerned about the sizing I tried in on the whole family from Wil with his 21″ head all the way up to Stephan with his 24″ crown. It fit both of them and the lot of us in between those sizes.