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Yoga Socks with Worsted Weight Yarn?

Have You Seen These Yoga Sock Patterns?

Stretchy Yoga Footies |
Short Yoga Anklets |

This came up in conversation because someone had visited the blog with a just that question – “how would I knit Yoga socks with worsted weight fabric?” Seeing as how I am NOT an expert and Ally has not knit any socks I started doing some looking.
Wouldn’t you know it, there are patterns on Ravelry…..you HAVE to love that site.
The Worsted Weight Yoga Sock pattern I liked the most out of the ones I found is located here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/namaste-socks


She uses [US] size 4 double point needles, about 150 yards worsted weight yarn and casts on 44 stitches.
I love it—-off to make some of those!!! :)