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Indianapolis Colts Earflap Hat with checkerboard

Hand Knit Colts Earflap Hat 

Indianapolis Colts Knitted Earflap Hat
Checkerboard Earflap Hat with Indianapolis Colts Logo on Ears

My son wanted a knitted earflap hat/snow boarders hat with an Indianapolis Colts theme.

I found a chart for the Colts Horseshoe here: http://creativeramblings.blogspot.com/2008/03/indianapolis-colts-hat-with-charted.html and had originally planned on putting the Colts logo itself on the front of the hat but as I started the earflap I suddenly decided to use her Baby Colts Hat chart for the ear flaps and…..Since I had been wanting to do some knitted colorwork and make a checkboard pattern why not combine it with the blue and white for the colts?

Here is the pattern I use for Knitted Earflap Hats.  For this hat with the stranded colorwork I would take it up to 88 stitches with the size 8’s or 80 with size 9 needles

–On the increase row where you get up to 14 stitches place markers to show your inside 10 stitches.  Why?  Because the chart is a 10 stitch pattern so this way  you can still use Make One Right or Make One Left Increases (I use the M1R that I learned here because the increases are almost impossible to see http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/increases) outside of your pattern area opposed to inside it which would be too much mental work IMO

–The horse shoe pattern in 14 rows high so by time I got done with the earflaps they were 28 stitches each so instead of robbing from the front stitches (my boys like their entire face exposed and the earflaps coming down the side of their face just before their ears) cast on the normal amount of front stitches and take your back stitches down to only a few ( I did four st).  If you have too many stitches you can always K2tog evenly around in your first couple rows.

The hat itself was a little smaller than it should have been but that was due to the fact that I realized I knit too tight especially with two colors and I have rectified that.  The puckers are invisible to him (gotta love kids) he is simply too tickled to have this hat to wear and BONUS  it is so warm plus I lined the ears and he says none of the Lake Michigan winds get thru them.  :)