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Puppy Dog hat

UPDATE — After too much time spent looking for a newborn sized puppy dog hat
pattern that worked for me I just wrote my own.  Click to see the pattern for
a crocheted baby earflap hat or puppy dog hat

I didn’t take a picture of the matching hat, mittens and ugg booties that I made Dae for Christmas but I did get a picture of the hat I made Brady.

Using left over worsted acrylic yarn and my K hook I made up this hat. It was an improvised project from the Lion Brand Tweed Hat pattern but it got me thinking and learning how to crochet any size hat I wanted.  Also, although I liked the single crochet I did not like how the increases they used in the hat made it all pointy at the top.  I attempted to increase differently and the puckering at the top was the result.  If I had only known then there is basically a “system” for increasing in sc we wouldn’t have the puckering or the pointy tops but it’s experience right? LOL  BTW in sc to increase the circle you increase 6 stitches per round and get a nice nearly flat topped beanie….more on that later 😉

A single crochet baby hat with a puppy dog face
These hats crochet up in less than two hours.

As much as I like making these hats I was desperate to have the same pattern in multiple sizes and after a lot of searching, trial and error, and hats that were the wrong finished size,  I just ended up creating my own pattern ideas.  I will be getting each of the crochet patterns published.  Below is a list of the crochet earflap and crochet animal hat patterns listed on this site so far: