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Free Pattern for knitted earflap hats

Knitted Earflap Hat Pattern- Youth -Adult Medium

This will make an earflap hat that will fit a ten yr old thru adult with a 21”-24” head.  To make hat larger use larger needles.  When I have made these and planned on lining them I have used a size 9 needle.

  • 5 size US8 DPN’s . I use DPN’s for the earflaps and then move all the stitches to a 21” circular needle. You may continue with DPN’s, use a circular, magic loop, traveling loop, or whatever method you are most comfortable with. If you only have straight needles and want to knit this flat you can also do that. The only difference will be when you finish the hat you will need to seam the top and up the back of the hat. This variation is at the end of this pattern.
  • About 110 yards Worsted Weight Yarn
  • Something to mark the end of your rows.  You can use stitch markers–I just use a piece of yarn with a loop in it.

Gauge – Earflaps (knit flat) 3.96 st per 1″ / In the round (hat) 5 stitches per inch.

The Pattern- Knit in the Round

Ear flaps
First you make the earflaps. To begin cast on 4 stitches

Row 1- k all (RS)

Row 2- Slip 1st st, p rest(WS)

Row 3- Slip 1st stitch, k, M1, (I use M1R for an invisible inc. KnittingHelp.com has a demo here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/increases), k 1, M1, k last st

Row 4- and rest of even rows- slip 1st st, P all

Row 5 and remainder of odd rows – sl 1st st, k1, M1R, k until there are 2 st left, M1R, k2 until you have 24 stitches on the needle

Last row – when you have 24 stitches on the needle- continue with a purl all row, cut yarn leaving a long tail, and either set the needle aside or move the stitches to a holder.

Repeat for second earflap but DO NOT CUT Yarn

With second earflap on needle and the final Purl all row completed, cast on (the finished project will look better if you use a cable or alternate cable cast on) 24 stitches (this is for the front of the hat).

K1,P1across the 24stitches (this will be the front of your hat) and K all across the (24) earflap stitches.

CO 9 stitches for the back of the hat

Knit across the 1st earflap and join

Continue knitting in stocking net stitch. Place marker after knitting 9th stitch at back of hat.  This will mark the end of your round.  Knit in stockingette around, with your K1, P1 across the front of the hat for 3-5 rows.  After those three rows continue in stockingnette until hat (measured at front) is 6″ tall (for men or anyone without a lot of hair) or 7″ for a slouchier hat (or for people with longer hair).  You can do a plain stocking net stitch here, add stripes, checkerboard or whatever you desire.

Begin decreases:
Round 1: K 8, K2tog around

Round 2 (and all even rows) K all

Round 3: K7, K2tog around

Round 5: K6, K2tog around

Round 7: K5, K2tog around

Round 9: K4, K2tog around

Round 11: K3, K2tog around

R 13: K2, K2tog around

R 15: K1, K2tog around

R 17: K2tog around cut a tail 6″-12″ long.  Thread tail yarn in a large needle and work it through remaining stitches.  Pull and fasten.  Weave ends into inside (WS) of hat.

Use a size I (5.5 mm) crochet hook to single crochet your contrast color around the hat and join by ss in your first sc.

Braided Ties- (optional)

For each braid cut 18 strands of yarn that are 15″ long.  Pull them through bottom of earflap with crochet hook, divide into 3 sections and braid.  Fasten off and repeat process for second braid.

 To Knit this flat on two straight needles-

Follow directions for earflaps.

Cast on new stitches (as above) for front and back of hat but you will not be able to join. Knit on the knit sides and purl on the wrong side.

Begin decreases, K on the odd rows and P on the even rows.

Fasten off in same manner as listed above except leave a much longer tail of yarn and seam the back of the hat closed.






Double Stranded Reversible Parallelogram Scarf Knitting Pattern

Chunky Reversible Parallelogram Muffler type Scarf

Free EASY Knitting Pattern

This was the first item I knitted using a patterned stitch.

I wanted a muffler type scarf that was wide enough to wrap around my head but long enough to go around my neck and into my coat for when I was walking the dogs out in our windy fields.

reversible parallelogram stitch knit with two strands of yarn
This is a very easy to follow stitch pattern

The Reversible Parallelogram stitch pattern was something I found at Knitting On The Net and I liked it but by seeing the photo of the swatch wanted a cleaner edge so I chose to make garter stitches on each side for a border.

I used two skeins of Red Heart SS  Gray Heather for the scarf.

The add-on 11″ fringe took a third skein.


  • Size 13 (9 mm) straight knitting needles
  • Two skeins of worsted weight yarn in the same color
  • Crochet Hook or yarn needle to weave in ends or attach fringe

Gauge: 3 stitches per inch (not important)

With 2 strands held together loosely cast on 30 stitches

Knit six rows in garter stitch

Continue in pattern below

Row 1: knit last 5 stitches * P5, K5* repeat, knit last 5 stitches
Row 2: knit last 5 stitches * K1, P4, K4, P1* repeat, knit last 5 stitches
Row 3: knit last 5 stitches * K2, P3, K3, P2* repeat, knit last 5 stitches
Row 4: knit last 5 stitches * K3, P2, K2, P3* repeat, knit last 5 stitches
Row 5: knit last 5 stitches * K4, P1, K1, P4* repeat, knit last 5 stitches
Row 6: knit last 5 stitches * K5, P5* repeat, knit last 5 stitches
Row 7: knit last 5 stitches * P1, K4, P4, K1* repeat, knit last 5 stitches
Row 8: knit last 5 stitches * P2, K3, P3, K2* repeat, knit last 5 stitches
Row 9: knit last 5 stitches * P3, K2, P2, K3* repeat, knit last 5 stitches
Row 10: knit last 5 stitches * P4, K1, P1, K4 * repeat, knit last 5 stitches

Rep Rows 1 – 10 until desired length.  I knit 20 sets of the pattern for a scarf that was 62“ long

6 rows of garter stitch

BO loosely

Add fringe if desired.  I added 11” fringe to each end.

P- Purl
BO- Bind/Cast Off
CO- Cast on

Download a copy of this Pattern


Knit a coordinating chunky reversible parallelogram knit hat with earflaps