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Simple and Fast Crochet Legwarmers

Easy Crochet Legwarmers Pattern

I made a bunch of these as gifts and to sell over the holidays.   These work up quickly and are a great beginner project.

Incredibly Simple Legwarmers

Free crochet pattern from Allys’s Site

You Will Need:

H Hook (5 mm)

Worsted weight yarn

Gauge: 7 dc and 3 1/2” rows= 2”

Crochet Terms Used in This Pattern:

DC- double crochet


This pattern makes legwarmers that are approximately 6” long. You can make yours longer or shorter by making more or fewer chains.


Ch 24

Row 1) DC in 3rd from hook and across (22 dc)

Rows 2-14) ch 3, turn, dc in next stitch and each stitch across (22 dc)

Stop at row 14 or when work measures long enough to fit snugly around your calf.

Fasten off leaving a long tail and sew the top and bottom rows together.

Repeat the steps above for your second legwarmer.

© 2015 AllysSite.com  You may not copy, resell, or redistribute this pattern. You may sell finished items made with this pattern. A link back to me is always appreciated but not a requirement. For assistance with the pattern, linking information, or to show me your finished items just contact me at mom@allyssite.com

Download your free copy of this pattern at Craftsy

How to Single Crochet a Hat

How to Single Crochet a baby hat in the Round

Free Pattern for Newborn Baby  & 0-3 Months Hat

  • Worsted Weight Yarn
  • 5 mm (size h) crochet hook for newborn size

Gauge– At end of round 7 hat should measure 4″ across

This pattern is worked in a spiral.  You will not join, chain or turn at the end of your rounds instead you will place a marker in the last stitch made of each round.

Round 1:  In magic circle sc 6 (or ch 3, ss to form a ring and sc 6 in ring). Place marker in last stitch made.

Round 2:  Make 2 sc’s in each stitch.  Move marker to last stitch made (12)

Round 3:  *SC nxt st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (18)

Round 4: *SC nxt 2 st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (24)

Round 5: *SC nxt 3 st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (30)

Round 6: *SC nxt 4 st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (36)

Round 7:  *SC nxt 5 st, 2 sc in nxt* repeat from * around (42)

0-3 Months only~ row 8 increase by 4 stitches (ie- make 2 sc’s in every 10th st by *sc 8, 2 sc in nxt* 4x and sc remaining stitches. Then follow the pattern below.  You will probably need two more rows at the end~

Rounds 8-16) sc in each stitch around until completing round 16 or your desired length

0-3 Months only— Rounds 17-18) sc in each stitch around until completing round 18 or your desired length

Fasten and weave in ends unless you are attaching ear flaps.

To attach earflaps

Both Newborn and 0-3 months are worked the same way and with the same number of stitches.

With yarn still attached:

  1. ch1, sc in the same and in the next 9 stitches. (10 sc)
  2. ch1, turn.  SC across the next 10 stitches
  3. ch1, turn.  sc2tog, sc across (9 sc)
  4. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (8 sc)
  5. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (7 sc)
  6. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (6 sc)
  7. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (5 sc)
  8. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (4 sc)
  9. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (3 sc)
  10. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (2 sc)
  11. ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across (1 sc)

Determine which you would like to be the back of the hat, count  7 stitches for Newborn/ 9 stitches for 0-3 Months from where your earflap ends and attach yarn in next stitch.  Repeat steps 1-11 of the earflap pattern.

Choose your contrast yarn and single crochet around the outside of the hat.  If you will be adding ties or tassels to the hat work 3 sc into the point of each ear flap.

Kitty Hat

How to knit a square hat and turn it into a Kitty Hat

Making a square, knit hat is so easy.

Although I crochet a lot I really do love the look of a knit hat.  My 13 year old wanted a kitty hat so I tried several patterns that had sewn on ears.  They all flopped over which was disappointing.  I noticed some hats I had seen were square and when worn the top corners would stick out like ears…kitty cat ears?  They did!

Here is all there is to it.

  • Size 8 needles  (5 mm)
  • Worsted weight yarn (about 125 yards)
  • Yarn or Embroidery Floss for adding the face
  • Ribbon or fabric for the bow and an optional button for the middle of the bow.

My gauge is: 18 st in stockingnette = 4″ (10cm)

To knit in the round – Cast on 80 stitches, ribbing for first 1″ and then stockingnette stitch until work measures 7 1/2″.  Either use the Kitchener stitch (grafting) or a 3 needle bind off to close up the top.

To knit flat – Cast on 80 stitches.  Work in ribbing of your choice for first 1″.  Stockingnette stitch until work measures 7 1/2″ .  Divide stitches evenly onto each of your needles and use either a 3 needle bind off or graft the top shut.  Turn hat inside out, with a large needle run yarn up the back to close up the seam.

Embroider as desired and add a bow if you would like.  I used a left over piece of satin and sewed two 4″ x 3″ pieces together (right sides facing) leaving a small opening, stuffed and gathered in the middle and sewed a button on the front to cover my ugly stitches before attaching to the hat.

Resources:  These are the videos I used to learn both grafting and the three needle bind off.


Puppy Dog Crochet Hat Pattern – toddler size

Puppy Dog Hat Crochet Pattern
1-3 years

You will need
· Worsted weight yarn
· scrap yarn in contrasting colors if you are adding trim, eyes, nose, or ears
· Size K (6.5mm) and size I (5.5 mm) crochet hooks
· Smaller crochet hook or yarn needle to weave in ends.
· Yarn needle to attach optional facial features

Gauge= End of Round 2 = 2 ¾” diameter

The photos shown, and pattern was created using

White Hat — I Love This Yarn acrylic  ( Red Heart Super Saver Café for ears and nose, Red Heart Super Saver Grey Heather for eyes and Red Heart Super Saver Light Blue for eye patch and contrasting trim)

Off White Hat — Red Heart Super Saver in “Soft White”, Cafe for ears and nose and Light Blue for eye patch.

These are heavier worsted weight yarns therefore if you are using a different weight yarn you may need to adjust your hook size and/or number of stitches.

HAT Pattern
Hat is crochet in a spiral (continuous rounds) meaning you will not join at the end of each round.  It is recommended you place a marker to keep track of your last stitch in each round.
Crown  with 6.5 mm (K) hook
Round 1– Chain 2 and double crochet 10 times into 2nd chain from hook or
if you are using magic circle make 10 dc in loop.
Round 2– Make 2 dc’s in each stitch. Place marker on last stitch
made. You should have 20 stitches
Round 3– *1 dc in next stitch, 2 dc in next stitch* repeat from * around (30 stitches total)
Round 4 –*1 dc in each of the next 2 stitches, 2 dc in next stitch* repeat around (40 stitches total)
Round 5–*1 dc in each of the next 4 stitches, 2 dc in next stitch* repeat from * around (48 stitches total).  At the end of this round your circle should measure approximately  6″ across which will give you a hat 18.75 -19.25“
Rounds 6 – 11 (or until hat is approx 6 ½” long when measuring from top center to bottom.) Dc in each stitch around hat making sure to move marker with each completed row.
Leave marker in place –this will be the back center of your hat.
Don’t cut yarn yet.



  1. Ss next 5 stitches. SS in next st, ch1. Sc in same stitch and in next 10 stitches. Ch 1 and turn. (11 sc)
  2. Sc in each sc. Do not ch1. (11)
  3. Sc in each sc. Do not ch1. (10)
  4. Sc in each sc. Do not ch1. (9)
  5. Sc in each sc. Do not ch1. (8)
  6. Sc in each sc. Do not ch1. (7)
  7. Sc in each sc. Do not ch1. (6)
  8. Sc in each sc. Do not ch1. (5)
  9. Sc in each sc. Do not ch1. (4)
  10. Sc in each sc. Do not ch1. (3)
  11. Sc in each sc. Do not ch1. (2)
  12. Sc in each sc. Do not ch1. (1)

Count 17 stitches across front of hat. In the 17th st attach yarn for 2nd ear flap by ss, ch1 and sc in that stitch. Sc in the next 10 dc.
Ch1 and turn. (11 sc)
Repeat rows 2-12 of earlfap pattern above. Cut off yarn and weave in ends of both earflaps.

Trim– with contrast color of your choice, attach yarn with slip stitch behind right
ear. Ch 1, and sc around entire hat and earflaps. Cut yarn and
weave in loose ends.

To add a dog face to the crochet hat just crochet and sew on these embellishments. Because these animal hat patterns are for babies please make sure the eyes, ears, noses and other parts are securely sewn to your finished garment.

Directions given are for sewing the embellishments on with yarn and a yarn needle. If a neat appearance on the inside of the hat is a big concern for you, you may find regular sewing thread to be more invisible.

Puppy Dog Ears – floppy
Using 5.5 mm hook (US size I)
Ch 14 leaving a long tail (about 12“).


  1. DC in 4th st from hook and in all st. Ch 3 and turn(11)
  2. DC in 2nd st from hook and in all st. Ch 3 and turn(11)
  3. Increase by making 2 dc in 1st stitch, dc across and make 2 dc in last stitch ch3 and turn (13)
  4. DC in all st. ch3 and turn. (13)
  5. Repeat row 4 (13)
  6. Repeat row 4 (13)
  7. Repeat row 4 (13)
  8. DC2tog, dc next 10, dc2tog last 2 stitches . Ch 3 and turn. (11)
  9. Dc2tog first two dc‘s, dc in next 7 st, dc2tog the last 2 stitches . Ch 3 and turn(9)
  10. Dc2tog first two dc‘s, dc in next 5 st, dc2tog the last 2 stitches . Ch 3 and turn(7)
    Dc2tog, 3 times, dc last st. (4)
  11. Slip stitch into side of ear nearest your hook, ss all the way around ear. Fasten and weave in ends.

Repeat for steps 1-11 for 2nd ear.
Use tails from beginning chain to sew ears to top sides of hat.

Puppy Dog Eyes
(Make 2)
Using a 5.5 mm hook, Ch 2


  1. 6 sc in last chain from hook
  2. 2 sc in each sc. Slip stitch to join.

Fasten and cut yarn leaving a long enough tail for sewing
to hat.

Place on front of hat. Pin in place and use same color
yarn and a large needle to sew the eyes to the front of the
hat. (If you are using an eye patch see below before sewing

Puppy Dog Eye Patch
(optional- shown as blue in photo)
With eye patch color, and 5.5 mm hook,ch 2 and follow instructions for
eyes except add an additional row as follows
Row 3- ch 3 (counts as first dc), 2 dc in each sc around. Ss into top of ch3.

Fasten and cut yarn leaving a long enough tail for sewing
to hat.
Place on of the eyes onto the eye patch with right sides
facing you. Making sure the eye is centered, sew it atop the
eye patch and trim all loose yarn.
Place on front of hat. Pin in place and use same color
yarn and a large needle to sew piece to the front of the

Puppy Dog Nose-
With nose color and a 5.5 mm hook, Ch 2

  1. 6 sc in last chain from hook
  2. 2 sc in each sc. (12)
  3. sc in each sc around (12)
  4. Repeat round 3.
  5. sc in first sc, 2 sc in next sc, repeat (18)
  6. 1 sc in each sc (18)
  7. sc2tog all the way around. Join with ss. (9 sc)

Pin in place on front of hat and use same color yarn and
a large needle to sew piece to the front of the hat.

Hat Ties
With colors of your choice cut 12 strands of 18” long yarn
Use a yarn needle to insert cut yarn into the ss’s at the bottom of first ear flap.
Double the yarn over, split into 3 sections and braid. Tie with scrap yarn in color of your choice to fasten braid off.
Repeat for second braid.

Abbreviations –US Crochet Terms
Sc – single crochet
Dc – double crochet
Dc2tog – double crochet 2 stitches together
Hdc -Half double crochet
ss- slip stitch
ch-chain (ie ch1=chain 1; ch2=chain2)


Terms of Service for this pattern: You are free to use finished garments from this pattern as you choose. If you give any credit to the website (http://www.AllysSite.com) it would be greatly appreciated but not required. If you feature this pattern on the internet or any physical publication, do not include the wording or text of the pattern, instead provide a link to our website.

Baby Beanie with Mouse Ears and a Bow

On my favorite animal hats page there is an adorable hat that was decorated up with mouse ears, a bow and polka dots and just screams “Minnie”.  The original pattern for the hat disappeared off the Internet and there are many comments from readers asking how to make one.

Mouse hat crochet pattern
Click on the link to see the pattern I used or simply crochet a beanie and add round ears and a bow

Over the weekend I hooked up this basic beanie and added embellishments.  The pattern used is free and Ravelry and she has great videos to help with sewing on the ears so they don’t flop over.

Baby Booties — Basketball shoe look

I got this pattern from Bev’s Country Cottage in the list she provided Ravelry Group Members for the Bootie Brigade and crocheted them up in 30 minutes this morning.

30 minute crochet baby bootie pattern

The reminded me of basketball shoes so I put the pretend laces up the front and omitted the rollover cuff.

The pattern takes less than 30 yards of worsted weight and a 5 mm crochet hook.   Each bootie took me 15 minutes.

You can get this pattern by visiting Bev’s Country Cottage at:  http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/bevs-quick-bootie.html

Free Pattern for knitted earflap hats

Knitted Earflap Hat Pattern- Youth -Adult Medium

This will make an earflap hat that will fit a ten yr old thru adult with a 21”-24” head.  To make hat larger use larger needles.  When I have made these and planned on lining them I have used a size 9 needle.

  • 5 size US8 DPN’s . I use DPN’s for the earflaps and then move all the stitches to a 21” circular needle. You may continue with DPN’s, use a circular, magic loop, traveling loop, or whatever method you are most comfortable with. If you only have straight needles and want to knit this flat you can also do that. The only difference will be when you finish the hat you will need to seam the top and up the back of the hat. This variation is at the end of this pattern.
  • About 110 yards Worsted Weight Yarn
  • Something to mark the end of your rows.  You can use stitch markers–I just use a piece of yarn with a loop in it.

Gauge – Earflaps (knit flat) 3.96 st per 1″ / In the round (hat) 5 stitches per inch.

The Pattern- Knit in the Round

Ear flaps
First you make the earflaps. To begin cast on 4 stitches

Row 1- k all (RS)

Row 2- Slip 1st st, p rest(WS)

Row 3- Slip 1st stitch, k, M1, (I use M1R for an invisible inc. KnittingHelp.com has a demo here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/increases), k 1, M1, k last st

Row 4- and rest of even rows- slip 1st st, P all

Row 5 and remainder of odd rows – sl 1st st, k1, M1R, k until there are 2 st left, M1R, k2 until you have 24 stitches on the needle

Last row – when you have 24 stitches on the needle- continue with a purl all row, cut yarn leaving a long tail, and either set the needle aside or move the stitches to a holder.

Repeat for second earflap but DO NOT CUT Yarn

With second earflap on needle and the final Purl all row completed, cast on (the finished project will look better if you use a cable or alternate cable cast on) 24 stitches (this is for the front of the hat).

K1,P1across the 24stitches (this will be the front of your hat) and K all across the (24) earflap stitches.

CO 9 stitches for the back of the hat

Knit across the 1st earflap and join

Continue knitting in stocking net stitch. Place marker after knitting 9th stitch at back of hat.  This will mark the end of your round.  Knit in stockingette around, with your K1, P1 across the front of the hat for 3-5 rows.  After those three rows continue in stockingnette until hat (measured at front) is 6″ tall (for men or anyone without a lot of hair) or 7″ for a slouchier hat (or for people with longer hair).  You can do a plain stocking net stitch here, add stripes, checkerboard or whatever you desire.

Begin decreases:
Round 1: K 8, K2tog around

Round 2 (and all even rows) K all

Round 3: K7, K2tog around

Round 5: K6, K2tog around

Round 7: K5, K2tog around

Round 9: K4, K2tog around

Round 11: K3, K2tog around

R 13: K2, K2tog around

R 15: K1, K2tog around

R 17: K2tog around cut a tail 6″-12″ long.  Thread tail yarn in a large needle and work it through remaining stitches.  Pull and fasten.  Weave ends into inside (WS) of hat.

Use a size I (5.5 mm) crochet hook to single crochet your contrast color around the hat and join by ss in your first sc.

Braided Ties- (optional)

For each braid cut 18 strands of yarn that are 15″ long.  Pull them through bottom of earflap with crochet hook, divide into 3 sections and braid.  Fasten off and repeat process for second braid.

 To Knit this flat on two straight needles-

Follow directions for earflaps.

Cast on new stitches (as above) for front and back of hat but you will not be able to join. Knit on the knit sides and purl on the wrong side.

Begin decreases, K on the odd rows and P on the even rows.

Fasten off in same manner as listed above except leave a much longer tail of yarn and seam the back of the hat closed.






Vee’s Yoga Anklet Footies w/pattern

 Yoga Footies Knitting Pattern

These are sooooo easy to make.  If you have never knit socks or used tiny needles this could be a good intro for you.  Since there is no heel, no stitches to pick up and there is no toe area to graft these are a quick knitting project.

NOTE:  She is wearing these to school today with flip flops….now why hadn’t I thought of that? LOL

My teen and preteen daughter take Yoga classes and wanted socks without toes and heels so they could get better traction on their mats.

I made the first sock following a pattern that I picked up in the store but the girls were quick to point out that they don’t wear bobbie sock length socks, they like footies so I played around with patterns and developed these.
The pattern used was inspired by Patons Kroy Socks Yoga Socks.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Size 2 dpn’s

100 yards Sock yarn ( I used Premier Yarns, Serenity Sock Weight in Amethyst)

18 stitches x14 rows= 2”

Cable cast on 64 stitches and knit 1×1 rib for 1 ½”

Next round evenly increase by 6 stitches (72 stitches)
Next round – bind off loosely the first 36 stitches and finish round in 1×1 ribbing.

Cable cast on 36 stitches and rejoin in round.
Continue 1×1 ribbing for 5 more rows.

On this next round decrease 6 stitches evenly around. This is the only time you will do this in this row of the pattern.

Continue with pattern below.
Round 1 – Knit all
Round 2- K1, P3. Repeat around
Round 3- Knit all
Round 4- K1, P3. Repeat around
Round 5- Knit all
Round 6 – P2, K1, P1. Repeat around
Round 7 – Knit all
Round 8 – P2, K1, P1. Repeat around

Continue until work measures 2 ½” . Make sure to end by completing a knit all round (one of the odd # rows)

1×1 ribbing for 5 more rows.
Bind off and weave in ends.

End of pattern

Get a PDF of this pattern at Craftsy

Yoga anklet pattern

Have You Seen These Yoga Sock Patterns?
Stretchy Yoga Footies |

Yoga Socks Knitted in Worsted Weight

Ally’s Stretch Yoga Socks Pattern

Patton’s Stretch Yarn Yoga Socks ~ Free Knitting Pattern

This was the first ‘sock type’ thing I ever knit and more importantly the first pattern I ever attempted to type up and make available.  If you find something that isn’t quite right or does not make sense please let me know as it is very likely you are a more experienced knitter than I.

If you are a complete beginner but think you might want to knit socks someday this could be a great intro to tiny needles and stretch yarn.

So here is my go at the pattern:

Approx 1/2 skein Pattons Stretch Sock for the pair
Us size 3 DPN’s (if you prefer using two circulars or magic loop that method should work fine)

My gauge is 14 stitches, 18 rows= 2″

  • Pattern
    Cast on 52 ( I used a cabled cast)
  • P1, K1 ribbing in the round for 2″ (approx 16 rows)
  • Knit 1″ (approx 11 rows) ( I used stockingnet stitch but you could do any pattern you prefer for this area)
  • 5 rows 1×1 rib
  • Cable bind off the first 26 stitches, continue ribbing across remaining (26)stitches  Here is a video I found that demonstrates the cable bind off.  You could also do a k1, p1 bind off.
  • Cable cast on another 26 stitches and proceed with 1×1 rib for 5 more rows
  • Decrease 6 stitches evenly around (46 stitches)
  • Knit for 3″ ( I used stockingnette stitch but you could do any pattern you prefer for this area)
  • Change to 1×1 ribbing for 5 rows
  • Cable cast off (or k1, p1 bind off) and weave in any ends
  • Repeat for second sock.

Get a .PDF of this pattern



If you make these please let me know, I’d love to see a pic.

 Have You Seen These Yoga Sock Patterns?
Short Yoga Anklets |
Yoga Socks Knitted in Worsted Weight

Loop Stitch Pillow

My 12 year old wants to give her bff an olive or lime green loop stitch pillow as a birthday present.
I decide to use the pattern I’ve had bookmarked on the Lion Brand yarn website and we head to the store to see if there is a suitable color in the Wool Ease Thick and Quick that is called for.

She finds “Lemongrass” right away although she prefers the “I love this yarn” in Limelight (worsted weight acrylic but its sooo soft) and we head home to start the pillow.

Thick and Quick- now I have to tell you I was actually pretty excited considering I usually, out of my frugality, don’t spend $9 on a single skein of yarn….especially one thats only around 100 yards!
The results couldn’t have been more disappointing.

On the Lionbrand website the pillow looks soft.Pic below

But in truth it was so big and bulky looking pic below

The Super Bulky yarn would be better suited to a pretty area rug













I went up a hook size. With the P hook it still looked big and bulky. With my huuuuuuuge Q hook the same thing.

Maybe it was the shade of green, maybe it was the fact that I could feel the wool, maybe it was because it was so thick or maybe it was a combination of all those but it seriously reminded me of the fugly carpeting both my neighbor and my grandma had back in 1973.

So I dug thru my WIP’s drawer and found a practice peice that had been loop stitched in a neon worsted weight. I put that next to the thick one. Then I grabbed two balls of worsted weight and my N hook and crocheted up a few rows, double stranded.

Worsted weight and super bulky compared. The bulky yarn is just to thick and bulky looking for a preteen girls room
When she got home from school all three were on the table and I asked her to look them over, pick them up, rub them against her cheek and take her pick.
The double stranded, worsted weight won hands down.
Easy, quick and teen approved crochet pillow
The cover took less than 3 hours to crochet

2 strands worsted weight yarn (I used Hobby Lobby “I Love This Yarn” Super Soft acrylic in ‘Limelight”)

Size N crochet hook

Ch 32
Row 1 Sc all, ch1, turn
Row 2 Sc first stitch, loop stitch until next to last stitch, sc last stitch, ch1, turnRepeat rows 1 and 2 until desired length.


***Note:  I kept a single crochet at the first and last stitch of each even row so that it would be easier to sew this onto a stuffed pillow case.  You could certainly loop stitch all the way across if desired.***


After crocheting the front we sewed up a satin pillow case, stuffed it with polyfill and stitched the crochet to the satin



If you would like to make a loop stitch pillow with knitting instead of crochet there is a great video here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssbkMawpE-M