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Kitty Hat

How to knit a square hat and turn it into a Kitty Hat

Making a square, knit hat is so easy.

Although I crochet a lot I really do love the look of a knit hat.  My 13 year old wanted a kitty hat so I tried several patterns that had sewn on ears.  They all flopped over which was disappointing.  I noticed some hats I had seen were square and when worn the top corners would stick out like ears…kitty cat ears?  They did!

Here is all there is to it.

  • Size 8 needles  (5 mm)
  • Worsted weight yarn (about 125 yards)
  • Yarn or Embroidery Floss for adding the face
  • Ribbon or fabric for the bow and an optional button for the middle of the bow.

My gauge is: 18 st in stockingnette = 4″ (10cm)

To knit in the round – Cast on 80 stitches, ribbing for first 1″ and then stockingnette stitch until work measures 7 1/2″.  Either use the Kitchener stitch (grafting) or a 3 needle bind off to close up the top.

To knit flat – Cast on 80 stitches.  Work in ribbing of your choice for first 1″.  Stockingnette stitch until work measures 7 1/2″ .  Divide stitches evenly onto each of your needles and use either a 3 needle bind off or graft the top shut.  Turn hat inside out, with a large needle run yarn up the back to close up the seam.

Embroider as desired and add a bow if you would like.  I used a left over piece of satin and sewed two 4″ x 3″ pieces together (right sides facing) leaving a small opening, stuffed and gathered in the middle and sewed a button on the front to cover my ugly stitches before attaching to the hat.

Resources:  These are the videos I used to learn both grafting and the three needle bind off.


Kitty Cat Baby Hat – Crochet

FREE Kitty Crochet Hat Pattern

Newborn & 0-3 Months
~updated November 1, 2014


You will need:

  • 5 mm (size H)crochet hook
  • Worsted weight yarn in Ivory (about 75 yards)
  • Worsted weight yarn in Pink (less than 50 yards)
  • Small amount of yarn in black, white and red.
  • Yarn needle
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Sewing thread and sewing needle

Gauge:  At the end of round 7: Your circle should measure 4” across. Adjust your hook size as needed.

For the hat itself you will use my single crochet baby hat pattern    There is a download link at the end of this pattern that includes the full hat and kitty cat hat pattern.

For the cat’s eyes, nose, and ears use your 5 mm crochet hook

Kitty’s Nose
In 2nd ch from hook make 2 TC, slip stitch in next, 2 TC in next.

Fasten off and leave a long tail. Use yarn needle to stitch up to middle of nose and wrap yarn 3 or more times around the center.

Use your tails to sew the nose to the hat. Weave your ends in neatly and hide them behind the nose.

Kitty’s  mouth-
With a strand of red yarn 12” or so, either embroider a small satin stitch mouth shape OR you can tie a knot in the center of the strand, tie another knot directly over that know. Use the tails to sew this to the hat. Weave the tails in well behind the nose making sure they are secured and fasten off.

Kitty’s Eyes
With black yarn, and a long tail, ch2, make sc into 1st ch made. Fasten off and again leave a long tail for sewing and embroidering.

With a strand of white yarn about 6” long and your yarn needle work a single embroidery stitch along the inside of one of the sc’s. Repeat this on the other eye. Fasten your yarn on the wrong side of the eye, weave in the ends so they are hidden and secure.

Sew eyes onto hat using your tails of black yarn. When the eye is secured make two eyelashes on each the top and the bottom of the eye by running a short embroidery stitch diagonally away from your eye. Without pulling too tightly weave your tails in behind the eye so they are hidden and fasten off.

Kitty’s Whiskers
Use a 6” strand of yarn and your yarn needle to make a stitch of either side of the nose with the tails sticking out if the right side of the work. Tie them in a double knot and then a 2nd double knot making sure they are not so tight as to pucker your hat. Trim them to the desired length and then use the point of your yarn needle to separate the strands.

To keep the knots from coming undone (it seems people are drawn to touching the whiskers which doesn’t help them stay tied) I like to run black sewing thread thru the knots a few times. TIP: make sure to tie off and hide the knot from your sewing thread behind the nose.

Cat Ears
Make 2- I made one in pink and one in ivory

With a long tail, chain 5

Rows 1 and 2: Sc 4, ch1, turn (4)

Now we begin decreasing each row to give the ears a triangular shape. This can be done several ways A) By sc2tog at either end of the rows B) by skipping the first sc of each row or C)by skipping the first sc in each row. In this pattern we will use sc2tog but of course you can use any method you are familiar with or prefer.

Row 3: sc2 tog, sc ea of nxt 2, ch1, turn (3)

Row 4: sc2 tog, sc the nxt, ch1, turn (2)

Row 5: sc2 tog, (1)

Fasten off leaving a long tail of 12” or more

Row 6: Attach your contrasting color, ch 1 and sc around the ear making 3 sc in the top of the ear to create a point. Again leave long tails.

With your yarn needle, work the strands of pink into the inside of the hat to get those out of the way. With your MC (Ivory) strands sew the ears to the top of the hat making sure to sew both in both the front and the back of the ear.

Work strands to inside the hat and weave them in.
TIP: When I have a project with this many ends to weave in I like to utilize as many as I can in an effort to keeping the inside of the hat looking as clean as possible. In the photo I have taken the tails from the ears and the tail from the very beginning of the hat and [after weaving them in securely] used the yarn needle to bring them back thru the inside of the first round. To do this just bring them all through, trim to the desired length and use the tip of the yarn needle to slightly separate the strands.

Braided Ties

For the braids in the photos I wrapped both the ivory and pink yarn around the a composition notebook (9.75” tall) 12 times (12 of each color) per earflap.


Using a crochet hook pull them thru the hole made in the bottom of the earflap by inserting crochet hook from the inside to outside.

Pull ends thru the loop made and gently pull until they are wrapped over the end of the ear flap. See photos below.

Arrange the yarn into three sections and braid. Fasten the braids by tying yarn around them. With a strand of yarn 24” long wrap the tied off spot.

Use your yarn needle to work the two tails under the wrap (see photo)

Trim your ends to even them up.

Pat yourself on the back–you just made a kitty hat!

Don’t forget to take a picture and post it to your Ravelry projects or the Craftsy project page.

Download a .pdf of this pattern at Craftsy


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