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Monkey & Mouse Hats for Baby

I think it’s official, I have a serious obsession with animal hats!!!  LOL no really, it just seems that now since I have figured out how to make them I see all these other ideas that I for one reason or another was not able to find when I was looking for the info.

These hats along with the Sock Monkey Hat and the Owl Hat are top candidates for my Fav’s.  These are other people’s patterns that I love, these are not my patterns.


Monkey Crochet Hat Pattern for Babies: This is a single crochet hat for a 6-12 month baby (but remember, it’s easy to make different sizes).  I love how she has done the ears so they curl in. 

Free crochet pattern for baby's monkey hat
Easy animal hat pattern that uses single crochet

Free Minnie Mouse hat pattern in crochet
Easy double crochet pattern – perfect for a beginner

Minnie Mouse Hat by CrochetDreamz—  check out how she did the ears.  I have spent so much time trying to figure out how to make semi circles for bear ears so they would lay flatter when sewn to the hat.  Her method is perfect. 

Mouse hat crochet pattern
Click on the picture to see the pattern I used or simply crochet a beanie and add round ears and a bow

UPDATED: FEB 20, 2012 Over the weekend I crocheted a hat  using the Minnie Mouse Inspired Hat pattern by Cristina Barnes.  There is a helpful video showing how to you sew embellishments, like round ears, onto an animal hat and avoid the ears flopping.