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Sock Knitting Tutorial

Sock Knitting Tutorial

I found the most incredible website with a sock knitting tutorial!


After learning how to turn heel and make gussets
After learning how to turn heel and create gussets

The picture above is where I am at right now with my classwork.  So far so good.  And too think I was nervous and never thought I would figure out how to do this?  Looking back that was silly.  The instructor, Kristin, walks you thru the entire process and has more than outdone herself with simple explanations and excellent photos. Oh and it’s FREE :)

If you have been at all hesitant to try using double point needles (dpn’s) to knit it in the round you should visit her site.  She explains it so well and even shows you how to cast all the stitches onto one needle and then split them up between the needles.  When I first started using dpn’s splitting the stitches up (ie do I start from top or bottom? how to I slip?) really confused me.  With Ally’s yoga socks it took me a good hour to cast on my stitches and then a few rows in a little helper decided she wanted to see how much the stretch yarn really stretched so half my stitches were gone and I got to start over ::big sigh::

I had wanted to make the guys heavy duty wool socks for when they are snowmobiling, shoveling snow, hunting, ice fishing, etc but didn’t know how I would.  This tutorial  gave me the confidence to give it a shot!