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Crochet Dishcloth -easy, easy, easy

Easy and quick to make crochet dishcloth pattern
Although faded from some serious abuse by tweens this crochet dishcloth is holding strong

Keep in mind this was made about 7 months ago and has been in regular use at least once a week since.  And keep in mind this poor dishcloth suffered some serious nail polish, polish remover and then hot bleachy water ‘before mom sees our mess’ (Yeah I saw it…..sigh)  abuse, and is still holding strong.

I’m thinking this is probably the very first thing I ever crocheted and completed.  This is single crochet with colors being changed after every second row.  The only hook I had back then was an “N” and because I had no idea how many to chain to make a cloth (didn’t even think to look online for patterns then!!!)

I just got out a dishcloth I liked the size of and chained til it was as long as that,

single crochet across,

chained 1, turned

and repeated the process til it was square.

If you want to make home dish dishcloths and would prefer not to knit then crochet is your ticket.  I hooked this up while watching a movie so it couldn’t have taken more than a couple hours even in my newbiness.