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Hunting Socks for My Guys

Worsted weight hunting sock in wool blend

When I was a kid my dad always had these really warm, thick, wool hunting socks that we would wear in our boots and sometimes even over our socks as slippers when in the house.   The last pair finally wore out about 15 years ago and to date I have never seen anymore in the stores like them.  Since I knit now and have started working on my Christmas list I thought why not knit each of the men in our house a pair as a gift?

Being a newer knitter who was only created toe-less and no heel yoga socks and managed 1 test sock from Silver’s Sock Knitting Class the idea of socks terrified me.

I wanted them thick, would love wool but they have to be machine washable. So there, Wool Ease was chosen.

I had wanted to make these Hiking Boot Socks from a book called Knitting with Balls and had even had it in my Amazon Shopping Cart BUT after reading the pattern comments on Ravelry decided not to continue with my purchase.  The bulk of the reviews on the pattern at Ravelry said the pattern for the heel was incorrect and most people had just done the heels the way they knew how….well these were my first real socks so I had no idea how to do them.  Maybe another day for that book.

So I start going thru sock patterns.  I really like these Mountain Man Socks and I’m going to make some but the “Sherman Heel” thing scared me.  I have no idea what it is and I felt I should start with regular plain old heels (whatever they are called).  I wanted to make these Soldier Socks but it says double heels and calls for a crochet hook to be used.  I’m gonna make those too-eventually but first I want to learn how to do regular old heels.  Having no idea what a ‘regular old heel’ , what its called or even how to do a search for a pattern I am at this point at a complete loss.  A few other patterns look great but I have no idea how I would do them on Magic Loop given that I have literally NO experience knitting socks.  Then I stumble upon this helpful file:  My First Socks using the Magic Loop  The only sock pattern you really ever need! By Jane D. Prater. There we go that was my ticket.

Since I had knit to 8″ in K2 P3 like the Hiking boot pattern used and had the 6 rows of stockinette stitch on the back like the Mountain Man pattern called for why not jump to another pattern?!  LMBO  This one was great though.  Very easy to follow and explanatory when it came to how to arrange the heel stitches on the needles to make the gusset decreases easier.  Laugh if you want but until reading that I would not have realized you could knit a few and rearrange the stitches on the needles.

Anyway, it’s going great.  One sock is completed and the other is nearly 1/4 of the way.  I will post updates as this pair of socks is completed.


UPDATE –Currently working on gusset decreases for sock #2  Yay!




Yoga Socks with Worsted Weight Yarn?

Have You Seen These Yoga Sock Patterns?

Stretchy Yoga Footies |
Short Yoga Anklets |

This came up in conversation because someone had visited the blog with a just that question – “how would I knit Yoga socks with worsted weight fabric?” Seeing as how I am NOT an expert and Ally has not knit any socks I started doing some looking.
Wouldn’t you know it, there are patterns on Ravelry…..you HAVE to love that site.
The Worsted Weight Yoga Sock pattern I liked the most out of the ones I found is located here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/namaste-socks


She uses [US] size 4 double point needles, about 150 yards worsted weight yarn and casts on 44 stitches.
I love it—-off to make some of those!!! :)