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Ally’s Stretch Yoga Socks Pattern

Patton’s Stretch Yarn Yoga Socks ~ Free Knitting Pattern

This was the first ‘sock type’ thing I ever knit and more importantly the first pattern I ever attempted to type up and make available.  If you find something that isn’t quite right or does not make sense please let me know as it is very likely you are a more experienced knitter than I.

If you are a complete beginner but think you might want to knit socks someday this could be a great intro to tiny needles and stretch yarn.

So here is my go at the pattern:

Approx 1/2 skein Pattons Stretch Sock for the pair
Us size 3 DPN’s (if you prefer using two circulars or magic loop that method should work fine)

My gauge is 14 stitches, 18 rows= 2″

  • Pattern
    Cast on 52 ( I used a cabled cast)
  • P1, K1 ribbing in the round for 2″ (approx 16 rows)
  • Knit 1″ (approx 11 rows) ( I used stockingnet stitch but you could do any pattern you prefer for this area)
  • 5 rows 1×1 rib
  • Cable bind off the first 26 stitches, continue ribbing across remaining (26)stitches  Here is a video I found that demonstrates the cable bind off.  You could also do a k1, p1 bind off.
  • Cable cast on another 26 stitches and proceed with 1×1 rib for 5 more rows
  • Decrease 6 stitches evenly around (46 stitches)
  • Knit for 3″ ( I used stockingnette stitch but you could do any pattern you prefer for this area)
  • Change to 1×1 ribbing for 5 rows
  • Cable cast off (or k1, p1 bind off) and weave in any ends
  • Repeat for second sock.

Get a .PDF of this pattern



If you make these please let me know, I’d love to see a pic.

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